Getting a kitten – things not to forget

Getting a kitten – things not to forget

Will your family be adding a new member soon? A little fluffy ball of joy? Beginnings are always difficult not only in human lives, but also in animal lives.

It is for this reason that it is necessary to prepare for the introduction of a kitten to a new home and thus make the transition as simple as possible. What, then, can't be forgotten and must be available for the kitten?

  1. Kibbles – When buying food, make sure that you select kibbles that are intended for kittens, which are made according to a special recipe and with an ideal composition. Shelma offers super premium complete food without cereals that is rich in fresh turkey and is made specifically for kittens. In addition to their high meat content, these kibbles also contain spirulina, buckthorn, dried apples, and herbs that support the immune system and digestion as well as vitamin D3, calcium, and phosphorus to ensure the optimal development of the skeletal system and hence also the ideal growth of each kitten.
  2. Litter box – The litter box is the basis. You can make your choice from open or hooded litter boxes. A scoop for picking up waste and litter (paper, bentonite, wood, or silica gel) can also be handy.
  3. Bowl – Purchase two bowls – one for water and one for food. A drinking fountain can also be a good choice and can encourage your cats to drink more often.
  4. Cat carrier – You will certainly use a carrier – for instance when going to the vet or when travelling. The cat will feel safe in the carrier and thus you will substantially lower its stress. An ideal carrier should be made of solid plastic; fabric carriers or backpacks are not recommended.
  5. Scratching posts – Scratching posts allow cats to sharpen their claws as well as climb. For this reason, cats particularly love ceiling-high scratchers with strong columns. You can purchase these in various shapes, colours, and sizes.
  6. Cat toys – When playing , cats not only have fun but they also strengthen their instincts, including their hunting instinct. For this reason, toys are important for them. The more different types of toys you buy for them the better. You can also purchase all sorts of rod teasers, laser pointers, smart toys, or toys with catnip.
  7. Cat beds – Although your entire flat will probably belong to the cat, it is suitable in spite of this to ensure that the cat has its own sleeping place. Thus, you should certainly not forget to purchase a bed for your cat. By the way, did you know that cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day? Such a portion of time certainly deserves a quality bed. Apart from standard beds, you can also buy a perch or a resting place that mounts on a wall or a heater.

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